Love in the Time of Corona: Love Notes (Part III)

There are very few places left in my house that haven’t been re-organized in the last few weeks. I’ve come across some love letters from the various lovely protagonists of my past. I think I’ve always had the intention of  parting with these memories, but something stops me, and I’m so glad that it does. It’s great to learn, read, integrate, and remember life exactly as it happened.

In addition to empty toilet paper shelves, cleverly designed face-masks, and rampant paranoia, another hallmark of this time: public love notes. From signs on restaurants, chalk on the sidewalk, graffiti on the sides of buildings, pieces of paper taped to a sticky bus stop wall: words of encouragement and hope are all around.

As far as love languages go, words of affirmation are a very potent way that I personally receive love, although my primary love language is pizza.  Let it be known that I despise the love language phenomenon and the relational dysfunction and codependence that I believe it’s seeded all across this great land of ours. But that aside, when they’re not used to try to control how others behave, love languages can be a useful tool in understanding what makes ones own juices flow. And because of this, I’ve been really energized every time I come across one of these very public but very personal words of affirmation.

 On my jogs around Oakland, I’ve got to enjoy these love letters, and so I want to share them with you: the signs, the chalk, the pavement, and even nature itself is sharing her support of us all. You’ll see   And so without further ado, here is Part III of my series Love in the Time of Corona, otherwise known as: “Calories Don’t Count During Quarantine, and Other Fun Facts”




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