25 Things

1) I don’t mind most insects, worms, or creatures, but i hate spiders and cockroaches

2) I was once harassed and stalked for over a month by a cult at NYU

3) I went running with the Kenyan Runners in Nairobi, Kenya (and couldn’t walk the next day)

4) Up until the age of 16, I always thought ‘Merci’ meant ‘thank you’ in Arabic, not French

5) I’ve never been to Asia

6) I rode a bike yesterday for the first time in 20 years… you never forget (but your leg muscles do)

7) I was once called an ‘asshole’ by Meg Ryan

8) I was told as a child I’d never be a runner cuz of my legs and feet, and I’ve since proved my doctor wrong

9) In 1998, during an unseasonably warm February afternoon, my friend Ihsan and I entertained a crowd of people in NYC from our dorm room, using a 250 Watt Amp and a Microphone…. until the cops showed up

10) I got written up on a bi-weekly basis during my sophomore year (mainly noise complaints and pranks), and a year later became an RA

11) Becoming an RA during college turned my life 180 degrees

12) I broke my dad’s nose when I was in 6th grade accidentally during a very competitive game of racquetball. 

13) I was diagnosed with 2 (possibly 3) tropical illnesses during my last trip to Kenya

14) I can recite the entire McDonalds menu song from the 1980s

15) When I was 5, during an afternoon of boredom, I storyboarded the entire Wizard of Oz film from memory. Every shot and camera angle. 

16) Every year for Christmas, since 1990, I receive at least one Simpsons branded item from someone in my family.

17) I had a beautiful voice as a kid, and then puberty hit and it all went downhill from there.

18) In college I turned in a paper and got a D. I handed in the same paper a few years later and got an A.

19) I applied to be in a masters program at NYU for music composition, and based on my lack of undergrad music education, got rejected. I scheduled an appointment with one of the directing professors the following week, played for him the Simpsons theme song, and got accepted. 

20) If I could eat any food for the rest of my life, it would be cheese

21) I have a hard time pronouncing the word “cookie”

22) I had my first paid gig as a 15 year old for a Senior Citizens christmas party at a local VFW. I got paid 50 bucks, and my dad tried to convince me to give it back. 

23) I have a photographic memory, and remember events and dreams from before I was a year old.

24) I measure world history in two eras: Before AD and After AD (Arrested Development)

25) I really dig Friendly’s quesadillas

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