Film Debut?

Before I left for Kenya, I began work on a film in honor of our priest, Fr. Guirguis Tadros, for his 20 years in the service of the Coptic people. The film was written by Mickey Riad, Rania Yacoub, and Mira Riad, among others. Mira and I co-directed, and I did much of the editing. It was a cool mix of sentiment and satire. And it was my first attempt at filmmaking.

Check out one of the scenes we did. Let me give you a little context. tThis one scene is about Albair. Albair is the head deacon at our church. He lives at the church, and does so much for the community, usually when no one is around.

This scene answers the question: What Does Albair Do When He Thinks Only The Lord Is Watching. It’s amateur, but check it anyway!

Let me know what you think.

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