Reunions, Head Injuries, and other Stories from Plainview

So I decided to be responsible for a change, and trade a Friday night out, for a night in, at home, setting up my office / studio / bedroom. I’m getting tired of sleeping on a couch and working on a kitchen table. The night proved to be kinda eventful when I ended up being driven to the ER, when a 30-pound metal object got into a conflict with my forehead, while assembling a damn Ikea desk.

That’s right, an Ikea desk.

Now this wasn’t a situation where I was negligent and I’m suffering the consequences of my actions, hardly the case. I had some help with me tonight, and someone (who is to remain nameless) left one of the leg / support brackets to this 100-pound Swedish desk leaned up against something while i was underneath the thing screwing it together, when I hear “uh oh” as I look up to see what the problem was, I saw my fate rush at me, at whatever speed thirty-pound metal objects fall at, my head was the bullseye.

Blood, four letter words, virgin ears, deflowered…

This was the exact conversation as I sat in the stretcher waiting to hear back from the plastic surgeon who they woke up to come in and do the stitching.

“Yea, got one for ya, uh huh, one lateral gash across the forehead and one chevron shaped laceration. David, are you going to the bathroom while we’re having this conversation? uh huh… uh huh…. ok i’ll tell him, thanks… click... The doctor said it will cost you $3300.”

Lord’s name taken in vain, more blood…

If I only had a 30-pound metal object with me.

So i went for the cheaper and more covered option. I plan to tell people I got this scar in a knife fight, as long as no one reads this blog, they’ll buy the story and start “did-you-hear-about” conversations about me. Because no one reads blogs. Just because its on the web, it doesn’t mean jack. I heard about this guy who dissed his entire graduating class in a blog, and can you believe the coincidence that people actually read it? Amazing!

High School Revisited

So about 10 years ago, I almost didn’t graduate high school, thanks to a ploy by Mr. Klonsky to have me repeat a year because he thought I plagiarized an Economics paper. But somehow, I made it out of there. I remember that day, knowing that the majority of folks I shared the stage with, I would probably never see again.

Last Saturday at a slightly pretentious but really nice lounge called Dip, in the city, we had our 10 year high school reunion. A few comments:

1) Having the reunion at a lounge in the city was a great idea. It made it feel less like a reunion, and more of just, hanging out in the city at a bar, where you happen to recognize every single person there. It made the environment a lot more familiar and inviting.

2) I talked with many people who said (and I agreed with them) that they’d only stay for a half hour, MAYBE an hour, then bounce. But you know, that didn’t happen. In fact, my judgement was way off. The place was full from the start till the very end of the reunion and beyond. I really forgot how much I missed everyone. I got home at almost 6 in the morning, I dropped off my buddy Phil, one of my oldest friends on the planet who I’d fallen out of touch with and now finally back in touch. And the sun was just coming up, and I had a feeling that I’ve had before, on the day i graduated. Hoping I’d see some of these guys again.

This isn’t a time for the typical reunion looking-back monologue. But this is more looking forward. Some connections were remade last Saturday night and I hope they can continue.

One thing was interesting, was that word got around thanks to my PR guy (you know who you are) who told pretty much everyone about my trip to Kenya. While I was trying to tell people I sold air conditioners to eskimos, he totally blew up my spot. And it was interesting to hear some of the reactions I got from people. Mainly the perception that I had gone out of my way to do something “good” to help someone.

I remember talking about this with Phil over pizza later that night. Looking back, the truth is, I didn’t go there with this huge intention to do something good for someone. But the fact of the matter is, a lot of good was done to me. by the people of Kenya. As much as I gave the guys from Kibera something, they gave me that much more, and I am a different person because of them.

They helped me, and to that, I’m forever grateful.

The anastesia on my forhead is wearing off, and I think I need to knock the hell OUT. So I wanna leave you guys with a photo. Here’s a picture courtesy of an old friend (thanks, Jenna!), from the reunion. Everyone’s beaming in this pic. There’s Yari, Me, Phil, Stern, and Jay in front.

So with that—to you all, good night!

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  1. Hey kiddo,

    Is the scar at least in some cool shape? Like a lightning bolt?

    I think you should say that Voldemort did it…

    I think scars are hot too.

    Heal quickly!


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