It Was Wild, For Real

It’s Saturday, the 15th of April. It is Tax Day in the United States, and my dad’s birthday. It was my first day off from any sort of responsibility, since late February, and it felt nice to just veg for a while. There’s not much to say about Saturday, the pictures pretty much say it all. I cuddled with a cheetah, and made out with a giraffe. Not bad, huh? How did I get in the cheetah’s cage? Well, you’d be suprised what a zookeeper would do if you dropped him 100 KSH. And as far as the giraffe goes, I guess this giraffe had a thing for Mediterranean looking guys from New York. I was standing there checking out the scenery, and instead of head butting me like it was doin to most of the on-lookers, it planted a nice big smooch on my mug. What was it like kissing a giraffe? I don’t recommend it. As my sister said after the fact “I’m sure there’s a verse somewhere in the Bible about what you just did, and how you shouldn’t do it.”

And she’s probably right.

comforting words

trying to see how close i can get to a cheetah before it attacks me

It’s really not dead

So this thing landed on my head. Apparently it died and fell out of a tree… tragic

Me and the sis

Silk worms created all this

A caption would degrade us both… it’s obvious what’s happening here

Wart hogs usually hang with giraffe cuz, they have poor eyesight and memory, and if there’s a predator nearby, they’ll know once the giraffe start running

We had a moment


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