Ashokalypse Now! (Part III)

Which brings us to…

Yesterday, Tuesday, 13 boys showed up. It was the usual crew, Daddy, Simon, Rocky, Rajim, Francis, etc.  There were also a few new heads. A dude named Carlos, but his real name is Fred. A dude named Jembe, but his real name is Mike. And we took a break from the movie this week. I wanted to get to know these guys and I wanted them to get to know me, and the best way to do that: sports.

Seriously, competition, and physical activity, just brings out people’s true character. I know who the ambitious ones are, I know the impulsive ones, I know the clever ones, and I know the ones who still think life should be handed to them on a silver platter. Before the games, I started them on activity, where they were to arrange themselves in order from their birthdays from January to December. The trick however, was that they couldn’t talk. They had to use other communication skills to figure out how to do this.

After two minutes, I found all the guys on one side – and one man standing alone….. on the other side of the field. And it just so happens that this one man was born in January and the rest were born in December. What are the chances!? (Can you sense my sarcasm here?)

These guys are experts at survival, and at never being wrong. And here they demonstrated their skills in doing things as easy as possible. I was laughing so hard.

So the games began and we played this mixture of rugby and racing. It was a fun game, not sure what it’s called but we played hard for a few hours and were exhausted by the time we finished. We then had some tea and sandwiches and then we started talking. We played that game “Two Truths and a Lie” where someone makes three statements, and the rest has to decide which one was the lie. My statements were:

  • Jumped out of a plane at 15,000 ft
  • I love Coca Cola
  • I’ve visited Egypt 3 times in my life

And before I could even go to point number two, they all shouted “THATS THE LIE THATS THE LIE!” “You did not jump out of a plane.. that’s the lie!” And after I said all three statements, it was unanimous that I had never jumped out of a plane at 15,000 ft,  when the truth is, I really don’t like Coca-Cola.

And what shocked them more than the fact that I jumped out of a plane at 15,000 ft. was the fact that I disliked Coke. “How could you hate coke, when you drink tea? it’s the same thing.”

Ashokalypse Now

My friend Paul, a doctor here from the states, my friend Ashok, and myself went out for dinner. Paul made me a mix of some tracks to listen to, a mixture of Strokes, Mos Def, U2, Jeff Buckley, etc. It was a 2-disc mix CD, 40 songs in all. Incredible tunes! And he entitled the mix Ashokalypse, and Ashokalypse II. Apparently that’s the nickname Paul gave Ashok, and it’s pretty damn clever if you wanna know the truth.


Just wanted to let you guys know that I got a phone call the other day, and it was Massimo From Rome! He’s in the hospital out there, and he’s doing great. It was so good to hear his voice, too. I hope he makes it. I hope he finds a family. I was reminded of that last day when Massimo, Ashok, and I had lunch together in the Cafeteria when that kid walked down from the hospital for the first time on his own in weeks. Anyways, its 9am, and I should start working. Chau Locos! Stay in touch! Drop a line and please, take care.

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