Peace in the Middle East: “The Long Night” by Nadav Samin & Co.

Israeli security forces gather at the site of a stabbing attack at the Qalandia checkpoint between the West Bank city of Ramallah and Jerusalem on September 30, 2016. A member of the Israeli security forces was stabbed and seriously injured Friday in the West Bank town of Qalandia, a police spokeswoman said, adding that the Palestinian attacker was then gunned down. The 28-year-old attacker, a Jerusalem native, approached an Israeli checkpoint and stabbed a member of the security forces, who was rushed to hospital. Fellow security forces members then shot the Palestinian dead, police said. / AFP PHOTO / AHMAD GHARABLI

The Long Night by Nadav Samin

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The Long Night

H: If you had a minute, tell me what
hurts, and frustrates, and itches at your soul,
[let’s] talk about “the situation,” that has no end and no line, with
a fence, without a fence, there’s no place to hide.

A: My brothers, times are tough! ! , the hatred has increased along with
the sound of the helicopters behind your children, I know your father
is an engineer, but he sits in the street selling coffee, there’s no
justice, there’s no solace.

H: All the time, chaos, there’s no take, its only give,
they don’t want peace, they want us in the ocean.

A: Settlements surround us, we want to go swimming,
but all of the pools are in the Jewish areas.

H: There is a partner, there isn’t a partner, they’re dragging us by
the nose,
A: The army is everywhere, politics has failed.

H: Settlers and terrorists, politicians are corrupt,
A: And we don’t want to live in one-fourth of Palestine.


A: My night has grown long, for the love of one I fear does not draw
H: The night goes on, stretches on.

Verse Two

A: And at the checkpoints, you can see the ugly ceremonies, the true reality,
without all of your rose-colored dreams.

E: Hardly a moment before the party starts,
another flower drops and from her mouth a lollipop.

H: So that another one doesn’t fall at a club, at a Bat Mitzvah
A: or at her wedding celebration.

E: Jerusalem’s cheeks are ruddy red hills and vales,
how many cheeks will be drained, pale?

H: I’m just a soldier standing at the checkpoint,
standing and praying that I return home safely.

A: Hey soldier, let us through! Even though I’m patient, there isn’t
even [enough] food in our land for you to confiscate!

H: The government is poor, they’re closing hospitals,
but somehow, they’re building bypass roads for the bypass roads.

E: And the music plays on even after we’re gone,
from Brooklyn to Qadima to Ramallah and on…

A: My night has grown long, for the love of one I fea! r does not draw
H: The night goes on, stretches on.

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