One Song, One Last Refrain: Meeting Adam Pascal

Well, it’s been a painfully long time since I’ve written last. For my two readers out there, although I cannot promise that I’ll never make you endure the withdrawal pains you may have suffered during the last 10 days, but what I can promise, is my love for you will never dwindle, nor expire.

Now onto business. As you guys know, I’m a Rent fan, and as of this writing – there are 18 days till the movie comes out. People ask me why I like this show so much, and the answer is simple: it kicks ass. I’m not really a fan of musical theater, though I can appreciate it artistically, mainly because of the pristine quality of much of the songs out there, its just not palatable for me, but Jonathan Larson, God rest his soul, really took a departure in both music, as well as plot, and created something real. Being a New Yorker, I see the characters in his show every day on the street, in the cafes, in my classes. Its the world we live in, and its the reality, minus the fact that people break into song every five minutes, but depending on the crowd you hang with, it may happen.

Firstly, I ran into Adam Pascal at a Duane Reade. Very random. He was very cool, and he even signed my receipt. I hope one day I’ll be able to transform a stranger’s drug store receipt into memorabilia.

Well, in an attempt to find some midi files on the net of some of the songs from the show, I found a lot of crap out there. When it comes to music, I’m a perfectionist, and I figure, if you’re gonna make an arrangement of a song, let it be accurate.

When I was younger, I would do exercizes where I would listen to a piece, and learn each instrument line, then record each line, layer by layer, and see if the end result sounds like the original. This past week, I did the same with ‘Another Day’, Mimi and Roger’s, duet.

Although it is a pop song, it was difficult to figure out, especially the arpeggios in the piano parts. And there’s no rhyme or reason to many of the patterns in Larson’s score, which is what keeps it alive, and natural. So, at any rate, I have available to download, both the MIDI file that I created, and an mp3 of the midi file, when I play it out of my sound library. The 2 files sound very different, but it’s the same arrangement… timbre makes such a difference, no?

And finally I want to make a dedication. The work I put into this song this past week, I wanna dedicate to an old and very dear friend of mine, Anna Fassell. Anna, know that I love you and that I’m praying for you. You brought this song to me, and so now I wanna give it back to you, with my time, sweat, and the earache i suffered after hearing it repeatedly. Bats forever…..

Another Day: By Jonathan Larson, MIDI Transcription by Paul Kist: MP3

7 thoughts on “One Song, One Last Refrain: Meeting Adam Pascal

  1. hey!

    #1, i love rent also. i can never get enough. unfortunently, i will be here, when the movie comes out there… but, i suppose i can wait ;) anyways…

    #2 question: have you ever heard of a dude named scott harrison? from NYC, lower west side, photographer for the organization that im with right now. just put on a gala in NYC (again for this org), and for some reason, i feel as if you should know him. i made a bad first impression tonight doing the “i know there is millions of people in NYC, but do you happen to know…” thing… so, yeah. thats it.
    also, wanted to let you know that im reading. so, at there is at least 3.

  2. hey dreaming…

    nice! good to meet another rent fan out there… where are you exactly that you can’t see this movie? are you literally on the ocean? i dunno a scott harrison personally but i know there’s a scott harrison who’s a famous photographer for bands – - same one?

  3. check it out, when you got a little time to procrastinate :)
    i dont think he was a photographer for bands, but rather more of a party organizer…
    anyway, you guys remind me a lot of eachother. just in mannerisms, godliness, realness, etc. he said that i should hook up the contact info, but, really its not much of a big deal, other than there is someone on the ship that reminds me of someone who has a dear spot in my heart… tear rolls down cheek, and cheezy music sets in

    we arrived in monrovia, liberia, just over a week ago; we had spent 10 days sailing from south africa to get here. so, not to many movie theatres around here, except at the american embassy, but im not sure if they are new releases ;)

  4. Amo! it is you! i wasn’t sure :) Yo… tell him he could look me up back in NY. Any friend of Amo’s is a friend of mine… as has been the trend in the past.
    Liberia! That’s great… i wish i could join you. I’ll check out those sites. Thanks for the gushy comments – - it brought on warm fuzzies for sure. Miss you a lot too.

    Darren, get your ass to NY and we’ll watch it!

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