People ask me every so often, how my relationship with God is doing. It’s always been a hard question for me to answer. Mainly because just like any relationship, it has its ups and downs, its highs, lows, and round-a-bouts. How can anyone answer that question? If I happen to feel distant from God one day, does it mean that my relationship with God suffers? If I happen to be lazy, gluttonous, or deal with moments of lust would things be “bad” in my relationship with God?

Many people liken a relationship with God, to a relationship with a person, and in many ways it is true. You can talk about stuff, or even better, talk to God out-loud on the subway to freak out people around you, stuff like that.

But in other ways its so different. We’re talking about a relationship to an infinitely unknowable, yet knowable, intangible being who knows my thoughts even before they’ve been thought. How would you like your best friend to know your every next move? It’s not the most comfy of circumstances :) So in a way, yeah it’s different.

The more I grow in life, the more I realize it is impossible for me to be separated from my creator. Impossible. God exists within me, around me, and in my very heart. So at any moment, how is my relationship with God? Is it good or is it bad? most important thing is that it’s there.

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