The Teenage Angst of Pigeons in Queens

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So a few weeks ago I noticed this pigeon on the balcony below mine just sitting there day and night. after my friend convinced me not to shoo it away, it occurred to me that it’s probably nesting.  A few days later, lo and behold, two baby pigeons emerged from its womb.  the miracle of life, only a few short steps from Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, NY.

A few days later one of the babies died, and I found it interesting yet disturbing that the mama pigeon did not get rid of the dead baby bird. In fact, they’re raising their kid right next to the carcass of its dead sibling.  it’s actually becoming part of the nest now – only feathers and a beak remain.

But that little baby pigeon is now growing so fast! I looked at it yesterday and it’s huge, probably a teenager in bird years. You can tell cuz its in an awkward stage,  not proportional, acne, body hair where there was none before, and i think it has some questions about its sexuality though I could be wrong.  But its really sheltered, her parents won’t let her out, ever!  Maybe they just don’t wanna deal with letting their kid face the real world, but they gotta understand it will probably rebel.

Last thing we need is another pigeon roaming our streets tryin to find herself in a cold cruel world.