St. Che Guevarra

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Ok, so it’s 8:40 AM on a Tuesday, and for some reason I’m just exhausted. Maybe it’s because I’ve been sleeping at 2am for the last few nights and waking up at 7 in the butt-crack of dawn.  I haven’t updated this thing in a month and so much has happened!

FIRST of all: I missed the Superbowl! I was on my way to a party when my computer crashed and I lost 20 pages of work I’d done for my client, so you better believe I was at home making up for the lost work.  Bitterness, isn’t even the word to describe my feeling at the moment.  It was reverent anger, mixed with resentfulness, with a twist of lyme disease.

Secondly:   There were some developments in the Armaneous case. Mid-February (on the 19th to be exact) there was a memorial service (in the manner Egyptians do, 40 days after someone passes).  There’s been much negativity in our community – and understandably so!  Some really brutal and inhumane things have happened in our own home, but many have resorted to anger and hate as a response, and that’s just wasted energy.  While understandable, justified, and completely natural, unfortunately it brings no healing, and it makes us no different from everyone else out there.   We have people claiming to be our leaders riling up the public, and making a spectacle of themselves, and they’re recreating God in their own image: tiny.  I only follow those who are in line with the teachings of my Savior. You speak his words, and stress a message of love, and i’ll follow you.  Anyway.. sorry for the rant :)

I wanted to speak light into the anger and darkness. I needed to give something to my beloved people and to the family and friends of the victims, as a positive legacy, so I wrote a song based on the poetry of one of the girls, one of the victims, Sylvia Armanious. Just reading her poetry, I’m learning what an amazing girl she was.  She let nothing come in the way of what she believed in. Imagine if we all lived like that?

Thirdly: I turned TWENTY-FRIGGIN-SEVEN years old!  Last week my buddies threw me this party. Wow. Yes, it was a good time, and Pauly was a good boy..  relatively… ok let’s be real: no I wasn’t.

Ok last but not least... wait – sorry, not last – but second to last  (but still not least)

I saw the Motorcycle Diaries a few nights ago.    Ernesto Guevara is definitely a legend in this world, and there are very few men like him, who are willing to give their lives fearlessly as a leader in order to bring about change. I know many out there will argue, disagree, and criticize “Che” for his political and economic ideologies, but let’s face a fact.   Not many people saw what Che saw.  None of his critics had his experience.  Had he stayed in Buenos Aires and finished med school, he probably would have thought the same as all of you.  But rather, he left his home and saw a cruel and impoverished world, face to face, and decided to do something about it, and those are the pelotas that I admire. Definitely recommend this movie.

I’ve been working on this song that I wrote for the memorial… like non-stop. It’s an OBSESSION!  = )