I Have Cabin Fever

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I’ve done all my cleaning, I’ve watched every stinkin’ DVD I own, I’ve made herbal tea, I’ve even studied the effects of Viagra on lab rats, and now I’m looking at photos. I found one of me and three friends in a bathtub together. I could explain, but mystery is sometimes more fun.

In other news, I was delivered some sad news today.  A young man named John Hanna, a pastor in NJ, passed away earlier today, from complications after an automobile accident. This week a lot of people we knew passed away, to the extent that it has become chilling.

It’s sobering when you realize how short life is, it’s freeing in a sense, but then I sometimes wonder why I am left behind (without fear of sounding cliche), and I start to think of my own purpose and reason for being here.

I’ve also been thinking bout the massacre of the Armanious family that happened in Jersey City last week. May God rest the souls of the departed, may their murderers be found, and may the truth come out. There’s been a lot of controversy and our community is definitely being divided.  The big question, how do we respond as Egyptians, as humans, as Christians? Should there be three separate responses?  Is the first reaction usually the most correct?  Who knows.  These are questions we are all asking.   In the meantime many are gripped in fear, and many are wondering what happened to the safe haven we call America.