2005-07-08 12:54:00

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Alright… more Kenya stories….

In Mombasa, we stayed at the VOYAGER…   a fancy schmancy hotel on the coast…   For 100 bucks each, we got 3 days, 2 nights… ALL INCLUSIVE…   i bet you’re asking “what does that mean?”  well, shirley, i’m gonna tell u…

All Inclusive means:

If i want a burger at 4pm by the pool – - i get it for free.
If i want a 5 glasses of sangria at dinner – -  i get it for free.

All inclusive means – i get whatever i want, when i want….  and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.    It was a great time :)  

So, after 3 hours of sleeping by the pool, i got bored and decided to venture elsewhere.  I found out that there were two distinct groups at the hotel.

Group A:  The old and pastey – these people sit by the pool drinking coca cola for the 12 hours of daylight… turning all kinds of red and pink.  I look at some of these guys and i wanna dip them in an aloe bath.   When will they learn, that some people just don’t turn brown!  

Group B:  Young and adventurous – these people hang out by the water-sports booth and get involved in the different activities that are goin on.  I found myself around these peeps more…



2005-06-27 17:28:00

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So,  I’ve been in Kenya for about a week.  Just got back from the coast… Mombasa!    What a great town…   sorta.  Actually quite dangerous, but we stayed at a cool spot and hung out with some mad cool folks from all over the place…

I’m a bit tired…  we got to Mombasa by bus, and returned by bus as if we hadn’t learned our lesson the first time.   After 8 hours of sitting in a cramped uncomfortable space going over damaged highway, with bumps fierce enough to kick your lunch out of your stomach, one would think of not repeating the experience….

Actually I insisted on flying back to Nairobi on Monday (since no flights were available Sunday) but my sister had to be at work 8am Monday so that was impossible, so we had to take the bus back.

We decided to pay 1,500 Kenyan Shillings (KSH) for a ticket on the Executive Coach Air Bus, which is the top bus you can take between Nairobi and Mombasa.   Apparently we thought we’d taken that to Mombasa, but we’d gotten on the wrong vehicle, hence the ghetto experience.

So we made sure to get on the Executive Coach Vehicle this time around, I even confirmed the registration number…  KAQ-921P

So…...   I find my seat next to this cute American girl, and it turns out that the seats my sister and Irene reserved were on the back of the bus.   The seats back there didn’t recline and it was next to the bathroom…. so they were laughing hysterically back there because they paid 1500 shillings to get on the executive bus, but had a nasty seat… worse than the Con-Air (economy style bus) from before.

So basically there’s 1 road to Nairobi from Mombasa… and it hasn’t been repaired for decades, so the potholes can pretty much damage cars.   The road is not lit, and its filled with drunk truck drivers, so accidents, off road vehicles…   it’s a prelude to a very interesting story.

So the gentleman that I am, I decide to give up my seat and ask one of the girls if they wanted it, and Irene took it, so I go to the back of the bus with Nadia…   i figure it couldn’t be that bad.

..... it was.

as soon as the engine started, the floor underneath started getting very hot.    and i was wearing flip flops so it started to burn.  THe bus driver’s assistant came to the back and I asked him to shut off the heat, and he assured me the heat wasn’t on, but we were sitting on top of the engine.


So the bus starts moving, and the back of the bus started getting very hot.  I would say at it’s coolest, it was bout 95-105F.   I walked up a seat, and the seat in front of us was perfectly cool and comfortable.  The bus was designed so the back 3 seats would heat up while the rest stayed cool – - – screw that, man!

So the heat was makin us very uncomfortable, and the smell of the bathroom next to us got worse, and thick, and invasive.   So of course that put us in a bad mood, and by 11:30pm my sister and I were fighting, and not even quietly.

At around 2am, my shirt is soaked, I’m pissed at my sister, I can’t even breath cuz it’s so hot, and the bumps in the road have nauseated me to the point i was tasting vomit, but i was too hot to sleep, or pass out…   and the man next to me kept fighting for the arm-rest….

Then the exhaust leak started…  apparently there must have been a small leak between the engine’s exhaust and the back of that bus, because the back seat area started filling up with bus exhaust, and it was making us all very dizzy – there was NO room at all for us anywhere on that bus.  THankfully 30 min later, we were at a rest stop

This place was shady… SHADY…  it was basically a hand made stop on the side of the road, shady characters sitting everywhere…  everyone kinda stares.  it’s not well lit.. and all the bus drivers sit together in the back of this open cafe.

So I walk to the bus drivers and I inquire if there was any room on any of the other buses, to which they replied “no” .  I explained to them that there was an exhaust leak.  So they reply “oh so u mean it was too bumpy for you?”  i said “No… the engine is leaking exhaust fumes into the back of the bus”

“So you are saying there are too many pot-holes”

and i’m like “Exhaust fumes.  Smoke.  INto the BACK OF THE BUS.  My sister is getting sick, and she is NOT gonna ride another FOUR HOURS while she breaths in toxic fumes.”

so they are like “ok we have 1 space”   So i got her to sit up front in our bus, while the bus drivers assistant sat on a soda crate, while i stayed in the back of that bus, choking on fumes, but at least i could press my face against the cold glass window to cool off enough to get some rest.

Got back to nairobi at 7am roughly and slept here till 1pm.

I almost went to prison today, but that’s another story.    Who woulda thought not wearing a seatbelt in the back of a car was a criminal offense?  I guess when you’re a cop looking for a bribe, wiping your ass can lead you into legal trouble.


2005-05-28 03:52:00

Sleepless in Seattle

It’s about 1AM here in Seattle, my buddies are out on the town – i had to stay behind and get some work done – it’s cool tho cuz i had a crap load of fun today.   Worked hard, played hard.  My boy is gettin married tomorrow, and i’m  mad proud of him.  I wish him and his wife an eternity of peace and happiness together



2005-05-16 12:27:00

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Don’t you love it when you look up at the sky, and the sun looks like a silvery disc, just chillin there, flyin around the sky, and like when you see it get bigger, and it kinda like lands right above your head, and little men with big heads and insect-like eyeballs come beaming out of there…   and then next thing you know, you’re like in the sun, and they sticking needles in your back…..   yea, life is good.  


2005-04-28 16:28:00

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So I was cleaning out my hotmail inbox today, and i came across this email that my buddies and i sent back and forth when we graduated college.  We combined all our favorite NYU memories (mostly from sophomore year) in a list…  Back then i looked like this:

Some of these are so incriminating, they had to be left out.   If you really wanna know, ask me. hahahaha!  Seriously, reading this brought back so many memories… it totally made my day

And for the sake of all involved … this post has been deleted ;)


2005-04-26 13:02:00

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I just found out I’m not metro..  I guess anyone who’s seen my car could tell you that.


I am 31% Metrosexual.
Not Too Metrosexual, Sugar!
I may own more than two pair of dress shoes, and maybe a designer suit, but I don?t mind going to the grocery store in sweats. And I may even go a day or two without a shower.


2005-04-26 12:17:00

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On Pidgeons…

So a few weeks ago I noticed this pidgeon on the balcony below me just sitting there day and night…   after my friend convinced me not to throw broccoli at it, it occurred to me that it’s probably nesting.  A few days later, lo and behold, two baby pidgeons emerged from its womb.  the miracle of life, only a few short steps from Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, NY. 

A few days later one of the babies died, and I found it interesting yet disturbing that they did not get rid of the dead bird… in fact they’re raising their kid right next to the carcass of its dead sibling.  it’s actually becoming part of the nest now – only feathers and a beak remain. 

But that sucker is growing fast! I looked at it yesterday and it’s huge… probably a teenager in bird years… you can tell cuz its in an awkward stage…  not proportional, acne, body hair where there was none before, and i think it has some questions about its sexuality tho i could be wrong.  But its really sheltered, her parents won’t let her out, ever!  Maybe they just don’t wanna deal with letting their kid face the real world, but they gotta understand it will probably rebel.  Last thing we need is another pidgeon roaming our streets tryin to find herself in a cold cruel world. 


2005-04-22 14:50:00

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I believe I lost my fan-base.
I’m still thinking about you all – hope you’re well!

Tell the folks at home, what you’re doing, Roger…

“I’m writing one great song..”