Vote For The Worst

When I came across the site:, I mistakenly thought it was a dated campaign strategy to keep Bush in office, back in the 2004 election, but I was wrong! Enter… SANJAYA MALAKAR. Week after week, it seems one of the less deserving contestants on American Idol is continually in the top 4… yes his name is Sanjaya Malakar. The rumor is that Sanjaya has teen gay and female vote on lock-down, it seems that something else behind the curtain is at work, and it makes much more sense. There are many (many) people out there who have had enough of Idol’s habit of rejecting the good, and keeping the so-so… SO… sites and campaigns have sprung up all over the net, to encourage people to vote for the WORST, to give the Idol empire a taste of its own medicine.


One of the authors of VoteForSanjaya says:

I bet a lot of people are wondering, why are we doing all this? American Idol to a lot of us is a joke. The best singers don’t win, and sometimes never even get to audition. Check out for all sorts of information about the real workings of the show.

And how do we REALLY know our votes are being counted? Or anyone’s vote? They never tell us the number of votes. For all we know they could be, and probably are, just making it all up every single week.

So in a way, voting for sanjaya is a check on American Idol. We keep them honest. We know how often we are voting for him, and if he gets voted off, then we’ll know our votes don’t really count. There are those of us voting over 500 times a night.

That’s deep. Yesterday, 33 million votes came in. That’s about half the number of votes that were cast in the last presidential election, and I assume most of these votes were just by young people. Granted, a good percentage of voters for Idol are probably not of legal voting age in the USA, at the same time, people are caring about this contest a little too much! I am the grumpy old man who just doesn’t get it! I’m 29 years old.

A myspacer who goes by the name of “J” has recently gone on a HUNGER STRIKE, in protest of Sanjaya remaining in the competition. Are you serious?


Apparently, she was to continue her hunger-strike until Sanjaya was voted off, or Sanjaya stepped down, to save her from death by hunger. Apparently the people at VoteForTheWorst, the gay and female teens, and Sanjaya himself could care less about this MySpacer’s life, and they kept on voting… and he kept on singing. Luckily, after over a dozen days, a box of donuts brought her back to her senses.

It’s amazing how a young man with really good hair, and a really bad voice can spark a movement that is turning the tide of a national competition. The people have the power… no joke… let’s see it… let’s make REAL shit happen.