Back Track!

Hey everyone, you know it goes sometimes. I need to seriously backtrack. It’s a new year, a new realm of possibilities, and the time is now to start looking back at the last days of 2006 and onwards as to how this new year has started.

Nadia came home! And she’s still home! (even though i’m not, I’m actually in Bucharest, Romania, but we’ll get to that.)

Here’s a pic of Nadia after she showered up from a 48 hour transit from Nairobi:

Of course I pulled off yet another surprise party which was almost spoiled, due to Gmail’s quick contact look-up, the wrong person was emailed and told about the surprise party, but with the help of some friends, the target was diverged and all was as planned!

Seeing 17 grown people beg “PleasePleasePlease!” to the waiter as he asked us to leave, as we wanted to sing one more song at the Karaoke bar that we were at, was a sight I will never forget. The waiter finally conceded, after Nader changed his “Pleaaaase, Pleaaaase” to “Poleeeese, Poleeese”. And we ended the night, arm in arm, singing, We Are the World. Notice Miranda asks the waiter “Why you not joining in?”...

More to come, my friends.