The return of Miss Jenkins…

Anna and Darren are two friends of mine who I haven’t seen in a long, long time. A lot has changed since we were all together. It’s almost as life had no idea where it was taking the three of us. We sat at dinner one night in a Greek restaurant, and I don’t think any of us could have predicted the 16 months that were to follow, where it was to take us, and how it was to challenge all our friendships.

I miss you guys incredibly, this night, and wish you were by my side, eating a plate of sushi with me, talking about Miss Jenkins…


3 thoughts on “The return of Miss Jenkins…

  1. you forgot about going down to the beach . . . and finding the filthiest bathroom known to man. . . complete with a crapper sans walls.

    i miss you, paulie!! {{{{HUG}}}}

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