Life in Pacific Standard Time

It’s been about a week since my last update and things have been nuts! I’ve been in Cali since Saturday with my buddy Mena, and we ended up driving from LA to San Francisco up the Pacific Coast on route 1. The view was absolutely incredible! I’m gonna have to post some pictures I took with my phone.

It’s been an interesting day to say the least. We woke up at around 12:30pm and spent a good amount of time walking all over the place. We ended up at the Frey Norris Gallery near Union Square where we were taken by some incredible works. One artist in particular… Harvey Dinnerstein, is featuring a series on portraits of life in New York. This one particular painting just gets me. Its someone we see every day riding the subway, usually the one that tells the conductor to stop the train cuz of problems on the tracks, we usually don’t see anything about this person besides a formality, a functional position in a muncipal transportation system. When Dinnerstein reminded me that this person has a soul, a life, a history, a family to feed, a lover to satisfy….

Another artist featured was Myung Keun Koh, and his “Body house” series of roman and greek sculptures printed on glass houses, giving an incredible 3d hologram effect. I was SO close to buying this particular one… the idea is just genius:
As the day went on we took a bus to Haight Ashbury, where we walked up and down the hills of this amazingly vibrant city.

On the bus we met a man who is going through a divorce who just wanted someone to talk to on the train, but later on he accused this poor girl of hiding money in her blouse. Yeah, I don’t understand it either, and discovered the beauty of a city who gives out free transfers to passengers just for the HELL of it. I have to say I was very impressed, and as a New Yorker


A Lot Of People Tell Me I Have A Fake British Accent


Don Caballero, is a new band i just heard about last night. All I have to say is, check out their song titles:



1. Fire Back About Your New Baby’s Sex
2. The Peter Criss Jazz
3. Haven’t Lived Aftro Pop
4. You Drink A Lot Of Coffee For A Teenager
5. Ones All Over The Place
6. I Never Liked You
7. Details On How To Get ICEMAN On Yoru License Plate
8. A Lot Of People Tell Me I Have A Fake British Accent
9. Let’s Face It Pal, You Didn’t Need That Eye Surgery

I’m their biggest fan… and I haven’t even heard their music yet.


The return of Miss Jenkins…

Anna and Darren are two friends of mine who I haven’t seen in a long, long time. A lot has changed since we were all together. It’s almost as life had no idea where it was taking the three of us. We sat at dinner one night in a Greek restaurant, and I don’t think any of us could have predicted the 16 months that were to follow, where it was to take us, and how it was to challenge all our friendships.

I miss you guys incredibly, this night, and wish you were by my side, eating a plate of sushi with me, talking about Miss Jenkins…