2005-07-08 12:54:00

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Alright… more Kenya stories….

In Mombasa, we stayed at the VOYAGER…   a fancy schmancy hotel on the coast…   For 100 bucks each, we got 3 days, 2 nights… ALL INCLUSIVE…   i bet you’re asking “what does that mean?”  well, shirley, i’m gonna tell u…

All Inclusive means:

If i want a burger at 4pm by the pool – - i get it for free.
If i want a 5 glasses of sangria at dinner – -  i get it for free.

All inclusive means – i get whatever i want, when i want….  and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.    It was a great time :)  

So, after 3 hours of sleeping by the pool, i got bored and decided to venture elsewhere.  I found out that there were two distinct groups at the hotel.

Group A:  The old and pastey – these people sit by the pool drinking coca cola for the 12 hours of daylight… turning all kinds of red and pink.  I look at some of these guys and i wanna dip them in an aloe bath.   When will they learn, that some people just don’t turn brown!  

Group B:  Young and adventurous – these people hang out by the water-sports booth and get involved in the different activities that are goin on.  I found myself around these peeps more…