2005-05-28 03:52:00

Sleepless in Seattle

It’s about 1AM here in Seattle, my buddies are out on the town – i had to stay behind and get some work done – it’s cool tho cuz i had a crap load of fun today.   Worked hard, played hard.  My boy is gettin married tomorrow, and i’m  mad proud of him.  I wish him and his wife an eternity of peace and happiness together



2005-05-16 12:27:00

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Don’t you love it when you look up at the sky, and the sun looks like a silvery disc, just chillin there, flyin around the sky, and like when you see it get bigger, and it kinda like lands right above your head, and little men with big heads and insect-like eyeballs come beaming out of there…   and then next thing you know, you’re like in the sun, and they sticking needles in your back…..   yea, life is good.